Shalom Health Care Center

Shalom offers affordable medical care to you and your family. We have two clinics located on the Westside of Indianapolis to get pediatric or adult care including behavioral health. You can visit our website

Know Your Team

Our dynamic team is here to help you on your journey.

Jaime Gonzales (They/Them)

HIV Education & Outreach Specialist

Jaime is here to help you with your HIV education, prevention and facilitate access to
information to help the community

  • (317) 291-7422 1308
  • jgonzales@shalomhealthcenter.org

Angie Martinez (They/Them)

HIV Program Manager

Angie is here to help you with your health journey with HIV prevention and help you understand how to live a long healthy life living with HIV.

  • (317) 291-7422 ext 1504
  • amartinez@shalomhealthcenter.org

Edwin Nuñez (Him/His)

PrEP Navigator

Edwin will help you navigate the whole PrEP process to ensure you are receiving all the information and assistance for PrEP adherence and maintain an HIV negative status.

  • (317) 291-7422 ext 1307
  • enunez@shalomhealthcenter.org

Philip Smith (HIM/HIS) 

HIV Education & Outreach Specialist

Phil is here to help you with your HIV education, prevention and help facilitate access to information and resources to the community.
  • (317) 291-7422 ext 1408
  • phismith@shalomhealthcenter.org